Norid has started implementing domain names with national characters. Here are the most important milestones during the transition.

Monday 9. February 10.00 the transition to new domain name policy starts. Applications for domain names with national characters will be queued for drawing. Other applications will be handled as they arrive.

Friday 13. February 16.00 the reception of applications will close. Duplicate applications where the same organization has applied for the same domain name several times will be removed.

Monday 16. February the Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority will make a draw among applications containing the same name to decide the order for handling the applications. Thereafter Norid will handle the applications as they arrive.

Wednesday 18. February 10.00 ordinary reception of applications re-open, now using the new domain name policy. Applications are handled as they arrive.

Applications by the hour after opening the application reception 9. February at 10.00.

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Published: 19 December 2005