Several large Norwegian firms have raised issues with the 20 domains per registrant quota. When they wish to promote projects or brands through corresponding domain names, the quota is a hindrance to them. We are now looking at various solutions to mitigate the problem.

One of the bases for the quota system is the desire to limit domain warehousing in order to ensure that new applicants can continue to find good domain names. The drawback is that the quota also puts restrictions on applicants with perfectly legitimate needs for more than 20 domain names.

Norpol's advice is that the quota system should be reconsidered, and that Norid should look into other possible measures that can give some of the same positive effects as the quota does. Whilst a more long-term solution is being considered, Norpol recommends an increase of the quota.

We expect to conclude the process this autumn. Since an increase will also give better conditions for domain pirates, we will at the same time look for simple measures that can strengthen the complaint procedures.

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Published: 6 October 2015