.no will be made available for private individuals in June 2014. If more than one individual applies for the same domain name, a lottery will be used to decide in which order these applications will be processed.

There is no priority on domain names. This means that you can apply for any name you want. You do however have a responsibility to ensure that the name is not in breach of Norwegian law or an infringement on a third party's rights. If a domain registration infringes on your rights to the name, you can enter a complaint with the ADR Committee for domain names retrospectively.

What happens when?

Tuesday 17 June

  • 10 AM: The registry starts accepting applications for domains directly within .no from private individuals. The applications are checked for syntax and set aside pending the drawing. Applications from businesses and other organizations will be processed normally during this period.

Wednesday 18 June

  • 4 PM: The registry system shuts down. Applications are no longer accepted, including applications from organizations. Any pending applications businesses and other organizations are processed. The collected applications from private indivuduals are checked, duplicates get eliminated.
  • The revised domain name policy goes into effect.
  • The Post- and telecommunications authority performs a draw to determine the processing order for applications from private individuals in the cases where two or more individuals apply for the same domain name. The registry system remains closed for all types of transactions while Norid processes the applications from the draw.

Thursday 19 June

  • 9 AM: The registry system reopens. From now on, everyone can apply for domain names on an equal basis. All applications are processed according to the first come, first served priciple.
Published: 10 April 2014