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Last March we passed an important milestone: 30 years of Norwegian domain names under the country code .no. Since 1987 .no has been an essential part of the Norwegian internet infrastructure. On18 October we arranged an open seminar to discuss the past
and the future of internet.


08.30–09.30 Registration,mingling, and coffee

09.30–09.50 Opening of the seminar

Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen and CEO Hilde M. Thunem (presentation in Norwegian, PDF

Harald T. Alvestrand, former chair IETF, former board member ICANN and Norid, talking about domain names in past and future in light of his experience from these organizations, and why
“neutrality” is both necessary and difficult when it comes to administration of names on the internet (presentation in Norwegian, PDF)


Ika Kaminka,leader of the Norwegian Association of Literary Translators, will give a talk about how internet and electronic communication have had influence on our language. Smileys, slang og new words are a daily
experience for everybody, youngsters as well as adults. Do we cope with this, and what happens to the language? (presentation in Norwegian, PDF)

10.45–11.15 Coffee break

Miloš Novović, Senior Privacy Adviser at Telenor AS and former fellow at University of Oslo, will present his thesis on licensing of user-generated content; how
much control do we have on our own content on the internet? (Presentation in Norwegian, PDF)

11.45–12.45 Lunch

Kristoffer A. Gudmundsen, Country Manager Watson Customer Engagement, IBM. Artificial Intelligence – a threat or a gift to internet? (presentation in English, PDF)

Joakim Hammerlin, philosopher and non-fiction writer, lecturer at Nansen Humanistic Academy, will give a talk on the ”chilling effect”. What does it do with us? (presentation in Norwegian, video mp4)

14.00–14.30 Coffee break

Amund Sjølie Sveen, artist and percussionist. Holds a master in solo percussion from Göteborg College of Music, Sweden. Is working with a wide range of expressions and medias which common ground
mainly is the use of sound, and the investigation of current political issues in the globalized world of market economy, He will launch his new performance about the internet.