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Note: This document has been translated from the Norwegian version at The Norwegian version is the master copy, and has precedence over the English translation if a conflict between the two should arise.

Norid AS runs a lookup service where members of the public can enter a domain name and receive information about the registration, the domain name holder and contact details for the domain. The terms in this document covers the use of the service. When you do a lookup, you thereby confirm that you accept these terms.

Copyright (Intellectual Property Rights)

Norid AS retains all Copyright to the lookup service, its contents, its layout and the underlying collections of data used in the service (c.f. Copyright Act (Act No. 2 of May 12, 1961, relating to Copyright in Literary, Scientific and Artistic Works)). Any and all use of the lookup service beyond what is allowed in this document is forbidden and may lead to legal pursuit, liability and criminal liability.

Norid does not allow anyone to copy or otherwise imitate, store, download or transfer all or significant parts of the data from the lookup service. This applies regardless of the method for reproducing, storing, etc., of the information, and regardless of whether this is temporary or permanent storage or use. This also applies whether the purpose is for commercial use or not.

Any and all commercial use of data from the lookup service, including targeted advertising, is forbidden.

Use of data from the lookup service in violation of these terms may result in legal pursuit.

This is what you may use the service for

The purpose of the lookup service is to contribute to solving technical issues where any single domain damages the functionality, security or stability for other domains or the internet as an infrastructure. Furthermore, the purpose is to make it possible for the public to contact the domain name holder.

You may use the lookup service to:

  • find the proper point of contact when a domain is causing technical issues
  • find out who is responsible for a domain registration (this does not apply if the domain holder is a private individual)
  • contact the domain holder in order to, among other things, protect your rights when you need to
  • contribute to the prevention of illegal content on the internet

When do we limit the use of the service?

If you do not abide by the terms of use, Norid can block the access to the lookup service.

In order to minimise the risk of abuse, we have also added restrictions on how frequently the same user can do lookups. Each lookup is logged with what IP address the lookup request originates from. If an IP address makes repeated lookups beyond the limits Norid has set, the access will be blocked or restricted until the activity abates to a normal level.

Published: 22 May 2018
Updated: 27 June 2019