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Norid has revised the agreement with the registrars. This makes it necessary to make a few adjustments to the domain name policy for Norwegian domain names. Most importantly, terms and conditions that concern the relationship between Norid and the registrars have now been added to the registrar agreement, and will thus be removed from the domain name policy.

In line with the Domain Regulation, Norid has delegated parts of the process for registering domain names to providers (registrars). The relationship between Norid and the registrars is regulated through private law agreements.

To succeed in maintaining the security and quality of the Norwegian top-level domain, it is important for Norid to have professional registrars. At the same time, it has to be attractive to the registrars to offer Norwegian domain names, so that .no stays competitive.

With these targets as our focus, and with input from the registrars, Norid has revised the registrar agreement. The new agreement is in effect since 15 June 2021.

Changes in the Domain name policy

The registrars' and Norid's duties, rights and responsibilities have until now been regulated partly in the registrar agreement between Norid and the registrars, partly in the Domain name policy for Norwegian domain names, and partly followed form established practice. The contractual relationship between Norid and the registrars will from now on be regulated in the new registrar agreement.

Norid is in the process of making the separation between the Domain name policy for Norwegian domain names, which currently consists of both subscription terms, allocation terms and complaint rules, and the registrar agreement clearer and tidier. As a part of this endeavour, we will update the Domain name policy. The changes will take effect after the end of the transition period for the new registrar agreement.

From 24 August 2021 the following changes take effect:

  • The provisions that cover conditions that are also regulated in the registrar agreement are removed from the Domain name policy.
  • It is clarified that it is the registrars that pay the subscription fees to Norid.
  • It is clarified that the domain subscribers give their acceptance of the subscription terms and the prevailing Domain name policy every time they order an extension of their subcscriptions.

In addition to the changes that follow the new registrar agreement, some important principles the domain subscriber should be aware of, are moved out from an appendix and into the main document, and we make a couple of minor clarifications in the complaint rules.

You can download the complete list of the changes in the Domain name policy for Norwegian domain names here. This document is in Norwegian only.

Published: 1 July 2021