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These are the additional rules applicable to registration of a domain name within,, gs.[fylke].no,,,,,,,,,, og All rules specified in the main document also apply to these domains unless otherwise indicated. The aim of these domains is to enable Norway's schools, libraries, museums, sports clubs, municipalities, counties, youth businesses and private individuals to register domain names within a predictable structure.

Who can apply?

The applicant must represent an institustion of the relevant type:
  • folkehøgskoler [colleges which do not offer a formal education] in Norway
  • upper secondary schools in Norway
  • gs.[fylke].no: primary and lower secondary schools in Norway
  • county libraries in Norway
  • public libraries in Norway
  • museums in Norway
  • sports clubsIn addition to the organization types listed in appendix E, subunits (organization type BEDR) are permitted to apply within these category domains.
  •,,,, The applicant must be a municipality or a county. The domain name must be the complete or partial name of the organization, or a natural abbreviation of the name in Norwegian, Northern Sami or Southern Sami. KS can register min, minside and www within each of the category domains listed at the start of this paragraph.
  • The applicant must be a Youth Business (Ungdomsbedrift) or a Student Business (Studentbedrift), and must be a part of Ungt Entrepenørskap's teaching plan for high school or college education.Domains registered within will be automatically deleted during the summer holidays following the school year during which the domain name was registered. Norid will notify the subscriber 1 month before the deletion takes place.
  • Private individuals. The obligation to cover the complaint fee upon losing a dispute will not be asserted towards subscribers.
Published: 18 June 2014
Updated: 28 March 2022