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1. Registration fee

1.1 This is a one-time fee which covers our our costs in connection with the domain application. The registration fee is NOK 60.

1.2. Transferring a domain name from one subscriber to another consists of a deletion of the domain name immediately followed by a new registration of the name with the new subscriber. When a domain name changes subscriber, the regular registration fee is charged. Note that for the change of subscriber to happen, the domain must be renewed up to and including the date the subscriber change happens.

2. Annual fee

2.1. All domains must be actively renewed every year. The annual fee is a subscription fee which covers our running costs in connection with quality assurance, maintenance and development of the domain service. The maximum renewal period is 12 months, the minimum period is 1 month. In either case, the full annual fee must be paid; NOK 75, including VAT.

2.2 The annual fee for the first year is covered by the registration fee.

2.3 A domain that is not renewed by a registrar by the expiry date, enters an expiry process. The legal contact is notified by email that he must find a registrar who renew the domain within 60 days of the expiry date. After this deadline, the domain is deleted. Norid is not responsible if the registrar does not renew a domain name (even if the subscriber has paid the registrar), and the domain is deleted.

3. Payment terms

3.1 The registrar prepays a sum of their choosing to Norid. The registrar can always keep track of their balance and add new funds when they need to. Norid does not pay interest on the prepaid sum.

3.2 Each time the registrar uses Norid's registry service to perform a transaction that is subject to charge (registering or renewing a domain), the charge, including VAT, is drawn from the registrar's account. If the balance on the account is too low to cover the transaction the registrar wishes to perform, the transaction is rejected.

3.3 At the end of the month, all registrars who have used of their prepaid sum will receive a cash invoice that shows the amount that has been charged, and how much is left on their balance.

3.4 Price changes will be announced two months in advance.

3.5 It is the registrar's responsibility to re-invoce the individual subscriber. A registrar is free to price their services as they wish, which means that the amount domain applicants pay will vary.

4. Annual minimum activity for the registrar

4.1 A registrar should either register a minimum of 40 domains or be registrar for at least 40 domains during a year.

Published: 1 February 2012
Updated: 11 June 2021