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Some key terms are defined on this page that are used in the domain name policy for .no.

Domain name subscriber, subscriber, applicant

A domain name subscriber is an organisation or private individual who has registered one or more domain names under the domains administered by Norid. The subscriber is referred to as an applicant until the domain name is registered.

Domain name registrar

Domain name registrars are companies that have entered into agreements with Norid for the right to trade in domain name subscriptions. They must assist the domain name subscriber in ordering the domain name, and they administer the subscription on behalf of the subscriber, for example by extending, transferring or ending the subscription. The domain name registrars are a link between Norid and the subscriber and instruct the subscriber in what is necessary in order to subscribe to a Norwegian domain name.

See list of domain name registrars

Domain name

The domain name system (DNS) ties unique domain names to IP addresses. Domain names often have the form (corporations and other businesses) or (private individuals). Uses for domain names include web addresses ( or and e-mail addresses ( or

The domain name system only permits names with the letters a–z, the digits 0–9 and hyphens, but there is a technique that nevertheless makes it possible to use national characters, such as æ, ø and å, in domain names. The technique is based on translating the national characters to a version that consists only of standard characters. This version is called an ACE form, and this is what is registered in the domain name system.


The domain name blåbærsyltetø is registered with the ACE form

When the term domain name is used in the domain name policy, it means both the form with national characters and the ACE form. Both versions must meet all requirements in the domain name policy. The conversion to the ACE form must be done according to the international standards in RFC 3490RFC 3491 and RFC 3492.

Each domain name has a set of computers that answer queries about sub-domains and addresses under the domain name. These computers are called name servers.

Deletion of domain name

When a domain name is deleted, it is removed from our database. Normally it then becomes immediately available to other applicants.

Suspension of domain name

The domain name stops working but continues to be registered to the subscriber.

Published: 5 October 2015
Updated: 24 August 2021