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This page gives an explanation of some of the expressions used in the domain name policy of .no.

Applicant, Subscriber

An organisation which has registered one or more domain names administered by Norid, within the requirements listed in the .no domain name policy. The subscriber is called an applicant until their domain name has been registered.

Authentication code

The authentication code (AuthInfo) is a code that can be set on a domain name. A domain's authentication code is only known by the domain's subscriber and the registrar. A domain where the authentication code is set cannot be transferred to a new registrar unless the registrar attempting the transfer receives the code from the subscriber.

Domain name

All computers connected to the Internet have their own IP-address, which consists of numbers. The domain name system (DNS) connects unique domain names to the IP-addresses, so users don't have to remember a long string of numbers. Domain names consist of a varying number of parts, but one of the most common types in Norway is They are for instance used in web addresses ( and email addresses ( Only names which consists of the letters a-z, the numbers 0-9 and hyphen can be registered in DNS. IDN is a technique which makes it possible to use national characters (for instance æøå) in domain names by translating them into a version called ACE-form which only uses the original characters. This is the version registered in DNS. Domain names with standard characters also have an ACE-form, but it is identical to the domain name. For instance: the domain name blåbærsyltetø will be registered in DNS in the following ACE-form When the concept domain name is used in the .no regulations, we are referring to both the version with national characters and the ACE-form. Both versions have to fulfill all requirements stated in the regulations. The conversion to the ACE-form is done in accordance with RFC 3490, RFC3491 and RFC 3492. The ACE-format can be used by programs which supports IDN as well as by older programs that don't. Programs which support IDN can translate between the two versions. The user can therefore see and write domain names with national characters in addition to the ACE-format. As mentioned before, it is the ACE-format which will be registered in DNS. Norid can not control whether programs on computers belonging to individual users can handle the translation to national characters correctly. Each domain name has a set of machines that answer inquiries about subdomains and addresses within the domain name. These machines are called name servers.


All applications for domain names or change of information regarding a registered domain must be handled by a registrar. The registrars have signed an agreement with Norid to be allowed to send in applications and change notices to Norid and acts as a mediator between the applicant/subscriber and Norid. Norid's registrar list.

Deleting domain names

When a domain name is deleted, it is removed from the database. Under normal circumstances, the name is then immediately available for other applicants.

Suspension of a domain name

Upon suspension, the domain name stops working, but remains registered to the subscriber.
Published: 5 October 2015
Updated: 11 June 2021