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Which type of cookies for which purpose

Websites under use cookies. These are small text files which are saved in your browser when you visit the website. On this page we inform about why we use cookies, and how you as a user can choose to elude them.

Some types of cookies are essential for the functionality of the website. They are used to remember your choice of language, check the log-in status for services that require log-in, and to collect data to prevent abuse of our services.

Except from Google reCAPTCHA and Google Analytics (see below), none of these services transfer data to others.

We use the service Google Analytics to map the use of a website as a basis for further development and improvement. We talk about data such as the number of users visiting different pages, how long they stay at a certain page, what type of device they use, which browser they use, etc. This service inserts cookies. However, IP adresses are anonymized by the function "anonymizeIP” to prevent the service to transfer privacy data to others.

We use the service Google reCAPTCHA to monitor potential abuse of our services. This service inserts cookies and collect data when the service is in use. Please refer to Google's privacy statement on this service,

How to manage cookies in your browser

You may choose to block for cookies to be inserted in your browser. You may change these settings whenever you like, for example if you experience missing functionality for some services when the browser is blocked for cookies.

The service has a useful description of how to manage cookies in different browsers,

Websites under which use cookies

Public services

Services for domain name providers

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Published: 16 January 2012
Updated: 23 April 2020