The .no history

2014 Launch of private domain registrations directly under .no in June.

2013 Domain name number 600,000 registered in October.


  • Domain name number 500,000 registered in January.
  • Launch of private domain names under in June.
  • The quota was increased from 20 to 100 domain names per organization in November.

2008 Domain name number 400,000 registered in September.

2007 Domain names consisting of digits only – numerical domain names – allowed as from June 13th.

2006 Domain name number 300,000 registered in November.

2004 23 new characters in addition to a-z, 0-9 and hyphen allowed as from February 9th. The quota extended to 20 domains per organization. Domain name number 200,000 registered in March.

2003 UNINETT Norid AS established as a subsidiary in the UNINETT Group on July 1st. A dispute resolution body established on October 1st. International agreement on a technical standard for national characters in domain names achieved.

2001 A new domain name policy which allowed each organization to register up to 15 domain names was introduced, a milestone which is referred to as ‘the liberalization of the domain name policy for .no’. Domain name number 100,000 registered in March.

2000 The domain name policy was softened up as general words and phrases were allowed.

1999 The Norid project was transferred from UNINETT AS to the new subsidiary UNINETT FAS AS on January 1st. A proposal for liberalization of the domain name policy was developed and distributed for public hearing. The registrar scheme was introduced.

1998 Norpol set up as an advisory body for domain name policy issues.

1997 An annual fee was introduced as from January 1st. A dispute body, NOK, was established.

1996 Norid was established as a self financed service. A registration fee was introduced as from January 1st. The term Norid, which is an acronym for the NOrwegian Registry for Internet Domain names, was introduced.

1995 UNINETT Name Authority (NA) was established. A broad hearing among commercial vendors and affected authorities led to the conclusion that “someone with the sufficient competence should take it" and pointed at UNINETT. The very first domain name policy for .no was developed. Domain name number 1,000 registered in December.

1993 UNINETT AS founded as an independent enterprise.

1989 19 registered domain names within .no in the oldest zone file in the archive.


  • .no was registered in the IANA database as the national top-level domain for Norway as of 17 March 1987
  • .no was delegated to Televerkets forskningsinstitutt from Jon Postel. Through Pål Spilling TFF was the main partner for collaboration with ARPAnet, and therefore a natural entity for handling the top-level domain. (Norway was the first country outside US on the ARPAnet in 1973)
  • The responsibility for .no handed over to UNINETT after the UNINETT project was established in 1986. The argument was that UNINETT was a neutral and competent organization who was capable of having the responsibility for administration of the national top-level domain.

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