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Support for new DNSSEC algorithms

From Tuesday 1 December 09:00 am, Norid will support the two DNSSEC signing algorithms ‘ECDSA Curve P-256 with SHA-256’ and ‘ECDSA Curve P-384 with SHA-384’. These algorithms are used by some nameserver providers, among others Cloudflare, and have been requested by several users.  

Congratulations to the CENTR Awards winners

The winners of the 2015 CENTR Awards were presented on 7 October. Norid was shortlisted in the security category, which was won by a collaboration project between Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Congratulations! Read more about the winners in all categories and enjoy the pictures from the ceremony

Considering a quota increase

Several large Norwegian firms have raised issues with the 20 domains per registrant quota. When they wish to promote projects or brands through corresponding domain names, the quota is a hindrance to them. We are now looking at various solutions to mitigate the problem. One of the bases for the quota system is the desire …

Watch out for domain scammers

Domain scammers have resumed activities. Pushy sellers are offering domain names through dubious and unserious methods. We advise our domain name holders to show caution. Their sales method is well known in Norway and abroad: The holder is contacted by a seller offering the business’s domain name within other top level domains than .no. It …

Changes in the applicant declaration form, appendix G in the domain name policy

The applicant declaration form will change as from December 1st 2006. The following information will be added: "The applicant declaration form is an appendix to the domain name policy for .no and is part of the contract between Norid and the domain name holder. The document must be signed and forwarded to a registrar by …

25 000 private domain names

Last night, the number of private domain names passed 25 000. We have seen a steady growth every day since private individuals gained access to Norwegian domain names in June 2014.