Norid has collaborated with Dutch SIDN to utilize the top-level domain .bv on the Dutch market. Norid and SIDN have now agreed to end the negotiations.

This usage of .bv requires a dispensation from certain parts of the Norwegian Domain Regulations. On 21 June, The Ministry of Transport and Communications advised that such dispensation should not be granted. The collaboration between Norid and SIDN on .bv will therefore be concluded.

The top-level domain .bv (Bouvet Island) has been an unused domain resource since its creation in 1997. Norid has carefully considered possible ways to develop and use this resource, but the conclusion has been that there are no sustainable ways to utilize .bv for Norwegian users directly. However, the fact that the Bouvet Island is uninhabited, and that .bv thus has no local Internet community, grants the freedom to look into new and innovative ways to develop the top-level domain.

BV in the Netherlands is equivalent to AS in Norway (Inc. in the UK), and the Dutch registry SIDN has considered offering .bv on the Dutch market based on this. This would have indirectly gained the Norwegian Internet community a new basis of income that Norid could have invested in added quality of service for .no.

– We comply with the decision made by the ministry, and have withdrawn the application for dispensation. From Norid’s perspective, we regret that we don’t get the opportunity to use this domain resource. SIDN runs one of the world’s largest top-level domains, and they are highly recognized internationally for their professional operations. A collaboration would have given the opportunity for valuable exchange of knowledge and experience that would have benefitted the Norwegian community, says Norid’s General Manager, Hilde Thunem.

Roelof Meijer, CEO of SIDN, comments: – We regret that the excellent collaboration with our colleagues from Norid on this opportunity has come to an end this way. A successful implementation would have benefitted the Dutch as well as the Norwegian Internet community.

More information: Hilde Thunem,, phone 414 49 885

Timeline with an overview of the process and the relevant documents (in Norwegian only)

Published: 23 June 2016