Under the current rules, private individuals in Norway can register domain names within the generic domain priv.no. Norid wants to maintain this option and has therefore taken over the management of priv.no after the Ventelo group signalled that they no longer wished to administer it.

Before any new names can be registered within priv.no, we need to get a formal policy up and
running. This will be done in accordance with the policy development procedure
for .no
. Some of the issues we will consider are:

  • the legal consequences of having private individuals as domain name holders; among other things in connection with personal data protection, consumer rights, etc.
  • whether private individuals require domain names within priv.no or directly within
  • mechanism for the transition to the new policy within each of the two alternative options

As part of the consideration, we will collect and analyse the experiences of other countries
with having private individuals as domain name holders. We will also carry out the necessary public inquiries to get society's input to the policy development.

Until the process is completed, Norid will manage priv.no so that the registrations that exist
today can be maintained. In the interim period it will not be possible to register new domain names within priv.no. Those who have domain names within priv.no and need to make updates, can contact Norid directly at info@norid.no.


Published: 26 January 2010
Updated: 11 September 2020