In order for us to be safe online, a complicated puzzle of security measures must fit together just right. An extension of the domain name system, which makes sure you get to the right place when you enter a web page, is one such security measure. If you wanted to go to, you can be sure that that’s where you end up if this mechanism has been activated. 

Please note, however, that even if you go to the right address, this does not necessarily mean that the content on that site is safe. 

The security mechanism, known by its abbreviation DNSSEC, is offered for Norwegian domain names, provided that the individual domain name provider has implemented it for its customers. Check to see if your provider offers this service and if your domain name is secure. 

Use the look-up service to see if your domain name has been secured with DNSSEC.  The image below shows you what to look for.

Screencap showing where in the domain lookup output you can see whether a domain name has DNSSEC enabled.

Check the list of registrars to see if your provider offers DNSSEC . The image below shows you what to look for.

Screencap of the domain name provider list/registrar list that shows how you can see if a registrar/domain name provider offers DNSSEC.

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Updated: 20 June 2019