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Internet forum

Norid hosts Internettforum (Internet forum) in collaboration with The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom). The forum is a place to discuss and talk about important topics related to the Internet.

By identifying and addressing relevant topics related to the Internet, the forum contributes to increased knowledge among different groups nationally and is thus a local contribution to the international discussion about the internet framework which is ongoing in for instance «Internet Governance Forum».

Internet forum 2022 Digitalization and security

This year's topic is digitalization and security - who decides how Internet should be governed?

Both national authorities and international parties wish to influence the regulation of the Internet and the Internet structure. As the globalisation is increasing in speed, the world face new challenges when it comes to security; we hear terms like «digital sovereignty» - how will security policy and other political considerations influence the Internet structure and the Internet we know today?

We look forward to seeing you at Sommero Hotell 16 November, 10 am - 4 pm.

Agenda and registration

The seminar is in Norwegian only.

Other seminars

We also hold seminars and courses for domain name providers and other technical personell. You can learn more about these seminars if you go to the website for registrars.

16. Nov 2023

Internet Forum 2023

How do we create a favorable framework for the future of the internet? Join us at this year's Internet Forum and explore the main topics of regulation and artificial intelligence.

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21. Apr 2021

Internettforum 2021: Crisis opens new opportunities

This is being written as Norway and the world at large have been shut down for several weeks. In this grim situation, the internet appears as the rescue. New ways of working and doing business are being realised thanks to the internet.   

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20. Nov 2019

Nasjonalt internettforum 2019: Digital trust crisis?

Trust is essential for all parts of society and crucial to keep democracy working. What does it do to our trust when we don't know what and whom to trust, when the giants sell our personal data, when well protected passwords go astray and when the world is ruled on Twitter?

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