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Norid opens for registration of the previously reserved domain names and, as well as domain names like, and many more. A lottery will determine who will be allocated the domain names.

From 10 June at 10 am it is possible to submit applications for the domain names, and the domain names «ans» and «da» under the geograpical domains and category domains administered by Norid. It is possible to apply for about 1600 domain names of the type, and

Everyone shall have equal opportunities when we start the allocation. We therefore start by accepting applications which are entered into the lottery. The lottery is a fair method for handling situations where many applicants want the same domain name.

Do you want to apply for one of the new domain names?

In order to participate in the lottery, a registrar must submit an application on your behalf between 10 June at 10 am and 11 June at 4 pm.

Contact a registrar well before 10 June: Find a registrar. After the lottery the registrar will let you know if you were allocated the domain name you applied for.

Why are the domain names allocated by lottery?

The lottery is a fair, open and non-discriminatory method for handling situations where many applicants want the same domain name. We have often used lottery when we have removed restrictions in the domain name policy, for example, when we opened up for registration of domain names that only contain numbers. You can read more about the advantages in our description on how we change the allocation rules.

How will the lottery be conducted?

The lottery will happen like this:

  • In the transition period from 10 June at 10 am to 11 June at 4 pm all registrars can submit applications for the relevant domain names. In this period the applications are checked for formal errors and then stored.
  • At the end of the transition period we close for applications. If a private individual or organisation have submitted several applications for the same domain name, all but one application are removed.
  • The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) will conduct a lottery in order to decide the order for processing applications for the same domain name.
  • Norid will process the applications in the order they are drawn. We do not evaluate who has the most right to a domain name. As long as the criteria for the allocation are fulfilled, we allocate the domain subscription to the first drawn.
  • After all the applications from the transition period are processed, we open for normal reception of applications in accordance with the new domain name policy. Applications that are received after the transition period are processed in the order they are received.

Disputes about rights are handled afterward

Many parties can have rights connected to a name or a concept. For example there can be several with trade marks based on the same word or words which give the same abbreviation. There is still only one who can register the corresponding domain name.

Norid does not evaluate who has the most right to a domain name. However, everyone who applies for a domain name must confirm that the registration of the domain name is not contrary to Norwegian law or infringe on the rights of others. If a conflict arises between two parties about the right to a registered domain name, the dispute can be brought before the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADR Committee) or the legal system.

Background for why Norid is changing the domain name policy

The domain names that correspond to the organization types AS, ASA, ANS and DA have up until now been reserved for possible future category domain names. After opening up for comments Norid has concluded that we will remove the reservation of the domain names that correnspond to DA and ANS. We will keep the reservation for AS and ASA. This is because these organisation forms are very well known and widely used and thus have a bigger risk for abuse if corresponding domain names are made available for registration.

Do you want to read more about this case?

Published: 16 May 2024