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Successful transfer to a new registry system

On the launch on 5 October, we received some 40,000 requests, 700 of which were domain name registrations. More than half of our registrars were active from the start. Our conclution is that the system appears to be performing well, and that the system changeover mostly went as planned.

Change of Domain Resolution Body members

As from 1 September 2010 the Domain Resolution Body member from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, Knut Andreas Bostad, handed over his seat to Sarah Wennberg Svendsen. Knut Andreas Bostad has been a body member since the beginning in 2003 and has done an outstanding job. At the same time Liv Synnøve Taraldsrud decided to …

New Domain Resolution Body members

As from 1 May 2010 the Domain Resolution Body consists of 11 members. Three of them, Liv Synnøve Taraldsrud, Thea Broch and Hans Marius Grasvold, are new members. The Domain Resolution Body is an independent entity based on the Domain Regulations. It was established for fast, cheap and simple alternative conflict handling for more obvious …

Working group to explore new top level domains of national interest

The question whether Norwegian authorities want to introduce new top level domains (TLDs) of national interest, such as for instance .oslo or .trondelag, will be explored in a working group appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority will chair the group. Norid will be represented in the …

Change of leaders of the Domain Resolution Body from 1 February 2010

Eirik Djønne has decided to resign from the position as chair of the ADR after 6 years of excellent work. He has invested an enormous amount of work since the establishment in 2003 and has done an outstanding job to build up this new body. Kari Anne Lang-Ree, who has been the assistant chair until …

Norid has taken over the administration of

Under the current rules, private individuals in Norway can register domain names within the generic domain Norid wants to maintain this option and has therefore taken over the management of after the Ventelo group signalled that they no longer wished to administer it.