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Ekom study: The digital foundation wall passed the test

Despite of an intense increase in traffic and an immediate need to readjust internal operations, Nkom’s study shows that the ekom actors have managed to maintain stable operations and capacity through the corona lock-down. However, Nkom also calls attention to the fact that trust in networks and services are challenged in different ways.

Internet forum 2021 Wednesday 21 April
Crisis opens new opportunities

This year’s Internet forum with the title Crisis opens new opportunities was planned as a big on-site event in November 2020, hoping that we at that time could take a glance in the back mirror and summon up learnings. Now we know that the covid-19 issue is just as relevant in 2021.

Norwegians register domain names like never before

From March to August this year, we have had a marked increase in the number of new domain names compared with 2019 and 2018. There are many indications that the growth can be attributed to the corona situation, which is also confirmed by our partners.

Domain scammers are at it again

The method is the same as before: They offer domain names that look relevant for the company, and say that these names are in great demand so you must hurry up or risk trouble. Our advice: Check who is contacting you, carefully consider your real needs for domain names, then contact your registrar.

Operations and load remain regular

Business as usual is not normally considered to be newsworthy. However, considering the situation in Norway and the rest of the world has dealt with over the last few months, a report on normal operations is both important and good news.

Scammers know how to exploit a crisis

In the current state of emergency, scammers work to make a profit. They may try to make profit of the virus spread itself, or they may try to exploit that many of us feel anxious and take less caution than we usually do. Working from a home office can make us even more vulnerable.

Domain registration remains normal

Despite the fact that nothing is normal these days, the registration figures for Norwegian domain names remain normal. Other activity in the registry service also remains regular. Our daily operations continue undisturbed.

Statistics about Norwegian domain names

How many Norwegian domain names are there? How many new domain names are registered and how many are deleted? Who are the biggest registrars for Norwegian domain names?

Job vacancies

We are seeking people for three positoins: analyst, linux system administrator and advisor on acquisitions and internal control. Application deadline: 26 February.

Get the domain name before going public with the company name

When founding or renaming a company, it is important not to stumble in the step-by-step order of registration. A good domain name for the company is often the bottleneck. Everyone must have a domain name, but domain names are unique, and if it’s taken, then it's taken. Then you may have to settle for second best, or at worst you have to start the naming process from scratch.

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