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Check who holds a given domain name, or which domain names a given organization holds. Look up a domain name or an organization number in the search…

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…API, necessary to DAS and whois lookups During visit Norid pll_language Remember the user’s language preference 24 hours Norid ai1ec_calendar_url Necessary to remember calendar status During visit Norid norid_pidclient_session Necessary…

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Data privacy: Changes to the whois lookup service

…about the holder than what we currently do. New lookup service for Norwegian domains Norid runs a lookup service (whois) where the public can enter a domain name and receive…

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Thousands of domain names get deactivated this summer

…database cleanup. Is my domain at risk? Type the domain name into /domenenavnbaser/whois/index.en.php, make a note of the Id number (organization number) in the second block of data. Then go…

Administrative model for the .no domain

…draws up technical standards and suggestions for technical solutions in a number of areas at the core of the registry’s operations (DNS, Whois and other protocols). The Council of European…

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System maintenance 2017-06-29

…EPP client), PID automaton, applicant declaration system, registrar web, whois and DAS will be unavailable in short periods during the maintenance window. The name service (DNS) will not be affected….